Independence day

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Our float came in second place in our town parade! Thank you for your support of our business.

Summertime fly control

Altosid/IGR products offer feed through fly control that complies with most natural feeding programs. IGR stands for insect growth regulator and works against fleas, mosquitoes, horn flies, ants, and sciarid flies. It does NOT accumulate in the food chain and does not cause any harm to beneficial insects, including dung beetles. The chemical make up of Altosid puts in the same class of chemicals as essential oils and other natural plant-produced material. We carry these products seasonally in lick tubs and loose mineral.

 Colorado Saddlery Semi Quarter Bars 14" seat

Colorado Saddlery Semi Quarter Bars 14" seat

Consignment saddles

We currently have some very nice saddles on consignment. There are a variety of styles and sizes, some older than others, all high quality. Check us out on Facebook to see pictures and prices of what we have available!