Lets talk fly control. The horn fly is the most costly external cattle parasite in the United States. They help the spread of diseases like pinkeye, and mastitis, and pester your cattle to no end. If you’re not helping your cattle fight them, you are losing gains and therefore $$ when sale time comes. Altosid/IGR products offer feed through fly control that can help increase weaning weights by up to 20.2 lbs (Campbell, et al - 1976, Cocke, et al - 1989)! Altosid also complies with most natural feeding programs. IGR stands for insect growth regulator and works against fleas, mosquitoes, horn flies, ants, and sciarid flies. It does NOT accumulate in the food chain and does not cause any harm to beneficial insects, including dung beetles. The chemical make up of Altosid puts in the same class of chemicals as essential oils and other natural plant-produced material. Using a feed through fly control such as Altosid (available in barrels and loose mineral) is a great complement to the seasonal pour-on treatments most cattleman use and provides effective control of the fly population. Control of the fly populations = healthier happier cattle = more gains, fewer vet bills, and more $$ in your pocket!


Flax is an all natural way to increase levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your cattle. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Fatty acids are essential to many biological processes, including growth and reproduction. The problem is that mammals cannot make enough of their own fatty acids to meet all their needs and therefore must also get them from their diet. Research done by Kansas State University showed increasing omega-3 fatty acids, through flax supplementation, has been proven to increase overall semen quality and bull fertility. It has also been shown to increase pregnancy rates which results in more live born calves in the spring. Second year heifers are notorious for their poor breed back rate, by supplementing them with Flaxlic you can greatly increase your chances for successful breeding in the first estrus cycle! Now is the time to increase those fatty acids for your cows and bulls! Stop in for Flaxlic today!




Hubbard Feeds and Show-Rite Show Feeds are running a reimbursement program for your local 4-H Clubs or FFA Chapters! Hubbard Feeds and Ranch-Way Feeds will pay your club 50 cents back for every bag of Show-Rite Show Feed you buy throughout the year. All you need to do is save the tags off the bags to turn in with the application you get from us! The promotion includes all Show-Rite Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goat, Rabbit, and Chicken feeds and they must be purchased from a Hubbard or Ranch-Way dealer (that’s us!). For more details and to pick up a form stop in the store. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to start making easy money for your clubs! Deadline for turning in feed tags is November 30, 2019.