The best place to start designing your winter feed plan is to start with what you already have. What is the protein content of the hay you plan to feed? What minerals are present in your water? These are important questions when designing the most economical feeding plan for your cows. If your hay is very good then there may be no need to spend money on a protein supplement. If your water is high in sulfur (an essential nutrient but also an antagonist at high levels) you may need to adjust your supplementation to avoid toxicity and ensure that the cows are getting enough copper and molybdenum. The only way to know what you are starting with is by testing. We are happy to report that we can help you collect samples of your forages and water sources and send them in to the lab for you. Once we get the result of the testing, our trained associates can go over the results with you and help make a feeding plan that best suits your cattle’s needs. Testing is a small expense that can save you money throughout the rest of the year, ensuring you are only spending money on feeds your cows will actually benefit from. Give us a call today to find out more! 406-436-2350


Weaning and shipping is one of the most stressful times in a young calf’s life. Make sure he gets what he needs to support his immune system and growth during this time of year. Ask us about our line of Stresslic products next time you come in.




Look no further for your winter feed needs. As always, we will have 20% Rangeland Cake and 12% Energy cake available in 50lb bags, at great prices. Muggli 50/50 pellets are available in 50lb bags or in large totes, for your convenience. Also, this year, we are excited to introduce an easy to feed 27% Distiller’s Cake. Made of compressed DDGs, at 27% protein this cake is a convenient and palatable way to increase your cattle’s protein without any fuss with dust!