Our Animal Health line of products is one of the most important we stock. We carry ear tags to vaccine and everything in between!

See us for all your seasonal animal health care needs. Spring calving and lambing supplies that we keep on hand include: calf pullers, OB chains and straps, colostrum replacers and supplements, milk replacers, electrolytes, bottles and nipples, feeding tubes, castrating bands, iodine, and much, much more. A new item for us this year is Shepherd’s Choice Lamb Milk, a Pipestone Vet product. Branding and pre-conditioning vaccines we keep on hand include: Apha-7, Bar Vac 7, Bar Vac 7 Somnus, Bar Vac CD/T, Covexin 8, Vision 7 Somnus, Express 5, Inforce 3, Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ, Titanium 5 + PH-M. You will find cattle reproductive vaccines both killed and modified live and for the sheep producers we keep Soremouth and Campylobacter (vibrio).
We also have on hand a variety of horse, dog & cat vaccines.